VSF®X hybrid units, tank units and LO & AS Tanks

VSF®X hybrid units 74 pcs VSF®X tank units 38 pcs Gypsym filter feed tank Backwash tank Filtrate tank Loaded Organic tank 2 pcs Concetrator feed tank 2 pcs After Settler 4 pcs Backwash solution tank 2 pcs  

Delivered from the port of Pietarsaari in September 2017.


The Desmet VSF®X was the largest project in our production during 2017. We managed to manufacture all units in time and they were shipped from the port of Pietarsaari (500 m from our factory) directly to site. In the beginning of 2018 we signed the contract for installation of the units. Our own team performed the installation in the country of destination during a couple of months in the autumn 2018, it went well and we’re proud to say that these units have been made from the drawing board to a complete functioning plant by NCE.