Scrubber, tank, stack, ducting and piping + installation

Ø 8500 mm, height 30000 mm.
Design pressure:  -1000 / +10000Pa, design temp: + 85 ºC.
Customer: Radscan Ab

Stack and ducting
Ø 3500 mm total length over 400 m, insulated.
Design pressure: 30000/-1000 Pa, design temp: 25 ºC / 170 ºC.
Customer: Fortum Värme samägt med Stockholms stad.

Design pressure: 6 bar, design temp: 60 ºC.
Customer: Radscan Ab.

Ø 2400 mm, height 6709 mm. Design temp: 80 ºC.
Customer: Radscan Ab.

Project KVV8 – Fortum biofuelled heat and power plant in Värtan, Stockholm

Fortum’s power plant in Värtan, Stockholm is the largest in biofueled power plant in Sweden and one of the largest in the world.

NCE’s part of the project stated in spring 2013 when Radscan Ab placed an order for the scrubber. The scrubber was by far the largest we’d manufactured, which brought us new challenges taking in consideration all the loads that needed to be considered for strength calculations and construction.

We manufactured the scrubber according to the time table and transported it through the port of Pietarsaari by ship directly to Värtahamnen port. Our location next to the port of Pietarsaari is excellent in terms of transportation, we can avoid large road transports and ship our products easily by sea. In this project the longest part of the transport route occurred at sea, but the short road between the port and the assembly site needed to be carefully planned. The transport took place at night and all other traffic in the area had to be shut down, traffic signs, vegetation, fences etc. had to be temporarily removed for the big load to arrive.

At the same time as we were manufacturing the scrubber, Fortum ordered a flue gas duct between the boiler and the stack and a flue gas duct in an existing chimney. The flue gas duct (160 meters above the sea level) was installed in the existing chimney, where there were already 5 other flue gas ducts. The narrow space in the chimney made the installation of the flue gas duct challenging, but we invented our own assembly method that facilitated the assembly in a great way.

The flue gas duct between the boiler and the chimney was manufactured at our factory in complete segments (with insulation and metal sheeting) and transported to the assembly site by regular road transport. Once all segments had arrived at site the installation of the 270 m long duct started. The duct installation took place in Fortum’s area, which was in operation during the time, we carried out our installation without threatening the safety of the plant, blocking escape routes or interfering with Fortum’s internal transport.

The project lasted a total of two years, our customers were pleased with the result and impressed by how well everything was performed and how little we disturbed the others operating in the same area, even though we had a major installation going on.

”We are incredibly trustworthy and if we promise something we will keep it, we don’t take anything easy by thinking it will solve itself. We make sure it resolves. What we promise we do, in one way or another. ”

Mats Wargh, Project Manager NCE Oy