Storage tanks, scrubber, abs-tower, FRP-piping etc.

Chlorate storage tank
Ø 8000 mm; height 17 271 mm

ClO2 storage tanks (3 pcs)
Ø 8000 mm; height 18 965 mm

Chlorate dissolving tank
Ø 4000 mm; height 9550 mm

Dump tank
Ø 4000 mm; height 6250 mm

Water head tank
Ø 2000 mm; height 4385 mm

Sulphate dissolving tank
Ø 2000 mm; height 3450 mm

Back-up scrubber
Ø 1200 mm; height 9644 mm,

ClO2 Absortion tower
Ø 1800 mm; height 15 720 mm,

Liquid separator
Ø 800 mm; height 2017 mm,

Vacuum breaker (3 pcs)
500/1200 mm; height 1791 mm

Sulphate filter chute pipe
785 x 245 mm; height 1800 mm

Salt cake filter chute pipe
Ø 500 mm; height 3430 mm

Sample pot
Ø 250 mm; height 350 mm

Sample pot for sulphuric acid (H2SO4)
Ø 350 mm; height 400 mm

Open sample pot
Ø 350 mm; height 700 mm

Drip pan sesquisulphate filter
2400 x 1905 mm

Drip pan salt cake filter
2400 x 1600 mm

Acid sewer tank cover
2920 x 2420 mm

FRP piping

Customer: Akzo Nobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals Ab

FRP piping

Customer: Butting Anlagenbau GmbH & Co KG

FRP piping

Customer: Sulmu Oy

Our composite products delivered to the new bioproduct mill in Äänekoski Finland.

It took almost a week to transport the Ø 8 m tanks the 400 km journey from Pietarsaari to Äänekoski and it was the largest road transport ever conducted in Finland.