Nordpipe Composite Engineering

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We handle the manufacturing of our products as projects. We supply an overall solution from start to finish, until the customer has taken over the product or the plant. Each product is custom-made according to the field of use and strength calculated by using the finite element method (FEM). We construct and manufacture the product according to ruling composite standards and regulations. All our products are manufactured in Pietarsaari. Throughout the manufacturing process we thoroughly check the quality and perform material tests. We test the laminate to check if the values correspond to the material values in the strength calculation. In order to be able to transport our large products safely, the transport planning starts already at an early stage. When the product has reached its final destination we can start the installation. We use our own team of professional fitters with experience from installation sites all over the world. We take overall responsibility for our projects and thanks to good cooperation with our customers we’re able to make great results. We build our trust through know-how and loyalty, we deliver in time and keep our promises.

Why choose composite instead of steel?

Composite is, in many applications a better choice than steel due to its good corrosion qualities, high strength and long lifetime. Composite also withstands very high temperatures and is basically maintenance free.