About us

In our workshop works hundred true craftsmen from the region around Pietarsaari. We work tight together to produce high quality (glass) fiber reinforced plastic products or composite products (herein after referred to as composite products). All of us are experts within our own areas, with a common goal to create the most appropriate and durable composite solution for our customers.

We have delivered our composite solutions all over the world for over 20 years

NCE Oy was founded 1993 in Pietarsaari, Finland.  Since then, both the company and composite materials have undergone great progress. We continuously develop both our manufacturing- and construction methods. The different combinations of resin and reinforcements to create durable composite materials are infinite. We’re truly passionate about creating unique and custom-made products that fits our customers’ processes perfectly, both taking into account lifetime and profitability.

You, our customers, know your process and we have the know-how about composite materials, when combining our knowledges we have the tools to create the most functional solution to your process problems.