What makes us unique?

Our way of creating more appropriate and durable composite solutions.

How can we find the perfect solution? It is our passion to solve your problems. It is not only a matter of offering and manufacturing the product you want - we have solid experience and strive to the extreme to secure a more functional solution to your problems. This stage is especially crucial if you want to come to a decision that is as profitable as possible in the long run. Do you want to be sure that you will receive an offer that is custom-made to fit your process challenges?  

The offer stage & custom-made solutions

Your process is taken into consideration already in the offer stage. Together we can create a more cost-efficient and better composite solution that is custom-made for you. We have the knowledge and expertise on materials that improve and develop your process into a more durable and profitable one.


Strength calculations & manufacturing drawings

Our composite solutions always begin with simple strength calculations. It is important that the standards are followed and the laminate is tested. The laminate testing reveals the strength of the different laminates and, thereafter, we can make calculations and optimizations with the Finite Element Method (FEM). The conditions that are taken into consideration in the calculations and optimizations are: negative and positive pressure, temperature, earthquake factors, wind and snow loads, Eigen frequency, transportation, lifting, etc.

Detailed planning begins after the strength calculations are completed. 2D and 3D tools are used for detailed planning. The tools give additional value both for you and our production team.


Manufacturing methods

  • Machine winding
  • Vacuum infusion
  • Hand lay up


Quality control & material testing

Throughout the manufacturing process we follow the quality plan that was devised together with you at the start of the project. In the quality plan are witness points (WP), hold points (HP) and check points (CP) in order for everyone to participate in the manufacturing process.
After the manufacturing is finished we do material testing: outcuts from the laminate are tested to ensure that the material values correspond to the values in the strength calculations.
The product is inspected before delivery and important measurements are done and documented in the quality documentation you’ll receive after the delivery.


Special transportation & route planning

The transportation of a delivery requires careful planning, and it starts already in the offer stage. Exceptional circumstances caused by bridges, high tension cables, narrow roads, etc. are always checked up on and discussed together with the forwarder we hire for the task. Road signs are taken down and the traffic can be stopped to allow the wide and high goods to reach its destination. Our factory is situated in an ideal spot next to the harbor in Pietarsaari, which allows for smooth and uncomplicated sea transports.


Installation by our own fitters

Our professional FRP fitters travel all around the world to install the products we manufacture in order for us to guarantee good quality throughout the whole process. The composite solutions are provided by NCE from start to finish, and no intermediaries are used.
Depending on the circumstances on the installation site, we decide how much we pre-manufacture at the factory before the delivery. Extensive pre-manufacturing is carried out in order to decrease the installation time on site.