FRP pipes and fittings

GRP pipes, fittings, flanges, elbows etc. for liquid or gas applications.  

Daily deliveries

We are supplying GRP pipes and fittings on a daily basis to our customers. All our standard GRP pipes and fittings are manufactured according to the Finnish Plastics Industries Federations SFS standard for GRP pipes and fittings. We’re manufacturing our products with modern manufacturing techniques. Our smaller winding machine winds pipes with a diameter from 15 mm to 1200 mm and has a capacity to handle 8 molds at the same time. Flanges, elbows, collars and other fittings are manufactured both by hand lay-up and vacuum infusion.


FRP piping

Besides the daily deliveries of pipes and fittings we also supply GRP-piping and GRP/PP-piping projects to our customers. We are specialized in pre-manufacturing of pipelines. Through pre-manufacturing at our factory before delivery, we can decrease the installation time on site remarkably.