Skrubber, tankar, kanaler till w-t-e anläggning

Scrubbers 2 pcs
Ø 7500/6000 mm, height 34 090 mm.
Design temp: +80 ºC (peak 95 ºC 2h /24h). Design pressure: -9kPa / +3kPa

AFM scrubbers 2 pcs
Ø 4500 mm, height 17 586 mm.
Design temp: +75 ºC (peak 95 ºC 2h/24h). Design pressure: -12,5kPa / +3kPa

Tanks 2 pcs
Ø 7500 mm, height 5950 mm. Design temp: + 80 ºC

Ø 2400 mm, height 66 000 mm. Design temp: + 80 ºC

Ø 2400 mm, height 58 000 mm. Design temp: + 80 ºC

Ducts from ID Fan to Stack
Ø 2900 mm, length 160 m. Design temp: + 80 ºC.
Design pressure: -0,5kPa /+2 kPa

Ducts from eco to quench 2 pcs
Ø 2500 mm, height 794 mm. Design temp: + 200 ºC

Ducts from reheater to ID Fan 2 pcs
Inlet 5000 mm x 2700 mm, outlet 2180 mm x 1168 mm, length 8550 mm.
Design temp: + 80 ºC. Design pressure: -9kPa/+3kPa

Ducts from Scrubber G3 to AFM 2 pcs
Inlet/outlet Ø 2900 mm, length 18 190 mm.
Design temp: + 80 ºC. Design pressure: -12,5kPa /+3 kPa

Ducts from Scrubber to G2 2 pcs
Inlet/outlet Ø 2900 mm, length 11 590 mm.
Design temp: + 80 ºC. Design pressure: -9kPa/+3kPa

Silencer casings
Design temp: + 80 ºC

Droplet separators
Inlet 3000 x 5000 mm, outlet Ø 2900 mm.
Design temp: + 80 ºC. Design pressure: -9kPa/+3kPa

Customer: LAB

Amager Bakke (Amager hill or slope) waste-to-energy plant

Amager Bakke waste to energy plant is one of the most modern in terms of energy efficiency, capacity and environment friendliness. ARC (Amager Resource Center) has designed the plant and besides its modern technology, the plant also has an interesting design. The plant is designed by Bjarke Ingels with a sloping roof that will act as a downhill skiing slope in the center of Copenhagen.

For us the project started in early 2014 with calculation and construction of all our products. This was a large project for us, with our know-how we contributed with many new technical solutions and assembly methods that have been crucial for making a good final result, both in terms of quality and use.

The first products were ready to be delivered from NCE in February 2015. We loaded the products at the port of Pietarsaari and shipped them directly to the port next to the site in Copenhagen. In addition to the products, we have also performed some installation of our delivery.

The project was very interesting for us mainly because of its size and advanced design, but also because of the architecture. At industry plants, investments in an extra fine surface finish is usually not a high priority. This project was different, the products were painted in metal color to look like sparkling snow next to the skiing slope.

“We were appreciated for our high quality design and drawings, and for a quick response time on various technical solutions, which enabled the customer to make quick decisions and continue their own planning.”

Andreas Snellman, Project Manager NCE Oy