Storage tanks, scrubber, abs-tower, FRP-piping etc.

Chlorate dissolving tank
Ø 4000 mm, height 9550 mm
Chlorate storage tank
Ø 6000 mm, height 13570 mm
Dump tank
Ø 4000 mm, height 4410 mm
Absorption tower
Ø 900 mm, height 15845 mm
Back up scrubber
Ø 1000 mm, height 9550 mm
Chemical scrubber
Ø 1000 mm, height 9000 mm
Dissolving tank
Ø 1600 mm, height 3220 mm
ClO2 water storage tank 2 pcs
Ø 7000 mm, height 17000 mm
Wacuum breaker 2 pcs
l: 1712 mm w: 1100 mm h: 800 mm
Main sewer pit tank cover
l: 3400 mm w: 2600 mm h: 3050 mm
Main sewer pump tank
Ø 900 mm
Sesquisulphate chute
Salt cake chute
Sample pots 9 pcs
Water head tank
Ø 2000 mm, height 4375 mm
Drip pans 2 pcs
FRP piping

Customer: Akzo Nobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals

SCA invests SEK 7.8 billion in Östrand pulp mill in Timrå. The new factory, which will start up in June 2018, will become a factory of world-class in terms of product quality, environment and competitiveness. NCE will supply the FRP equipment for the new production line.