FRP scrubbers, quench & absorption towers

Despite the high temperatures composite materials works excellent for the flue gas cleaning process, by calculating the scrubber using FEM (finite element method) we know which raw materials to use and how to construct and from there we’re able to create the most customized scrubber for each unique area.

We design and manufacture complete scrubber systems (scrubber/abs-towers, quench and piping) for flue gas cleaning and heat recovery

Biomass power plants, power plants and waste water treatment plants are using scrubber systems to clean air, fumes and gases before releasing them in the atmosphere. In the Nordic countries we’ve come far in the process of recycling waste into energy. NCE has supplied scrubber systems to various waste-to-energy plants during the years. In 2005 we delivered a scrubber with a diameter of 6,2 m to the Sysav-waste-to-energy plant in Malmö, Sweden. By then, that was the largest scrubber we’d manufactured, in March 2014 we delivered our largest scrubber so far; 9 m in diameter and 30 m high, installed in the largest biomass –fueled CHP plant in Sweden (Fortum Värtaverket).